The Firemen's Memorial Pavilion & Park

So you want to have an outdoor party/gathering but just don’t have the room?

The Franklin FD has got you covered!


The Firemen's Memorial Park is a great place for weddings, graduations, birthday parties, or any gathering.


The Park consists of a spacious pavilion area loaded up with plenty of picnic tables for your partying needs. 


It's perfect for a live band/DJ, there's even room for a bouncy house for the kids. 

The pavilion is lit, so no need to stop the partying once the sun starts to set.

The pavilion is also equipped with two restrooms for your convenience.



Inside contains a large kitchen for all your cooking needs.
 The kitchen is loaded with a flat top grill, several pizza ovens for all your reheating or baking needs, 
a large charcoal type grill in the center of the room. 

A generous walk-in box featuring beer/soda tap hookups inside.

The taps are accessed outside the walk-in box on the side of the pavilion.
 It also features plenty of parking space, for those big parties or gatherings.

To rent the park and pavilion please click HERE and read the information on the next page



To see photos of the park and pavilion please view the slide show below.

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